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om, a man had just been sentenced to receive twenty blows of the bamboo, and the sentence was immediately carried out. He was ordered to lie down with his face to the floor; his back was then stripped, an


d while his legs and arms were held by attendants, the executioner laid on the twenty blows with a bamboo stick about six[Pg 370] feet long and two in


ches wide. One side of the stick was rounded and the other was flat; the flesh was blistered at every stroke, or raised in


a great puff, and it is certain that the man must be some time in getting well. He did not scream or make the least outcry, but took his punish

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    ment patiently, and was raised to his feet at its end. He bowed to the judge, and, perhaps, thanked him for the attention he had received, and was then led away to make room for some one els

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    e. "The Chinese don't seem to have any nerves compared with what we have. They do not suffer so much as we do under tortures, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why they a

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    re so much more cruel than the people of Europe and America. For example, it would nearly kill a European to travel a week in carts such as we saw on the road from Tien-tsin to Pekin. The


Chinese don't seem to mind

it at all; and the best proof that they do not is that they have never invented any better or m

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ourts. They

don't care much for whippings, though it is not at all

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probable that they like them, and the only things that they appear to fear very much are the punishments that are prolonged

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